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  • Additional Editorial Revision

    Editing is charged at an hourly rate of £40. Please contact us before finalising this purchase at checkout.

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  • Copy Editing

    Spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, inconsistencies and awkward phrasing can all prevent a book from reading well. A copy editor looks out for these mistakes and brings them to the…

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  • Developmental Editing

    A developmental edit will see a professional editor read through your manuscript before it is finished and offer detailed feedback about the structure and content of your book.

    The cost…

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  • Final Proofing Suggestions for Poetry

    Editing for poetry doesn’t focus on critiquing, but will point out anything that might be a typo.

    This package includes up to 5,000 words. For longer manuscripts order…

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  • Proofreading

    A proofreader reads through the final manuscript and corrects spelling and grammar issues. They will also check the design of the book and make sure that headings and titles…

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