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Write a Compelling Book Description (aka Blurb)


Discuss your book with a copywriter and make your sales copy sing. Selling your book is easier if you attract the right readers, and this service will help you to do just that.

Writers often find it difficult to explain their book in a concise and persuasive manner. Let us help you to craft a more compelling book description to attract the right type of reader. You’ve done the hard work by attracting their attention with the right cover, now you have a brief opportunity to turn that interest into the desire to buy your book. A good description will attract the right type of reader, and great reviews. no book is for ‘everyone’, and if you try to sell to ‘everyone’ you will get disappointed readers. We’ll help you to know your audience and target you language to appeal to them.

The description (commonly known as the ‘blurb’) will take into account:

  • genre
  • target audience
  • keywords and search terms
  • successful competitors
  • words and phrases that help to sell your book

This blurb can appear on the physical copies of the book, as well as forming the basis for a description on your website and that of retailers.


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