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Book Cover Design – Front, Back & Spine


This package includes an ebook cover in addition to a full wrap – front and back cover and the spine.

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A wraparound cover is required for printed books and includes the front, back and spine of your book.

A book’s cover is the most important marketing image you will have to promote your book, so it’s important to get it right. With that in mind we consider a number of factors when designing it and coming up with concepts:

  • the genre
  • the intended audience
  • successful competitors’ covers
  • trends in your genre
  • your branding as an author
  • designing for a standalone book or a series
  • selecting appropriate font(s)
  • use of licensed images (We use images from Adobe Stock and other libraries, and we are responsible for licenses)
  • use of custom photography and illustrations supplied by the author (The author is responsible for licensing / purchase costs and must supply evidence of permission to use from the creator. Images must also be of suitable quality for publication, and we reserve the right to reject images that are, in our opinion, inappropriate.)

You will be required to either complete our online book cover design form, or we can discuss over the phone so we can identify and specify the design brief. It’s essential to go through this process to design a cover that meets the needs of the book.

We can only design the full wraparound cover when we know the spine width, and that can only be determined when you know the page count, and the company printing it. We can supply artwork without this information where the front and back are finished, but without knowing the exact spine width, this might require correction by the printer when finally known. Also, bear in mind that different printers printing the same book are likely to use paper of differing thickness, so the same interior may require a different cover for each printer. To account for this we generally design covers that are relatively simple to adjust. Please note that a charge will apply if we have to correct spine widths, or produce multiple versions to satisfy the needs of different printers. We charge a flat rate of £40 per hour for such design work. Some printers may adjust artwork for free, so do check with them first.

We will supply:

  • a single, flattened, print-ready PDF-format file in CMYK
  • a front cover as a printable JPG in CMYK
  • a front cover JPG for web use in RGB

(CMYK denotes a file suitable for physical printing and RGB are lower resolution files suitable for viewing online. Printing an RGB file may result in colour replacement by the printer and results may be very different to expectations.)



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