Manuscript appraisal

Final Manuscript Review


With this service an experienced editor/publisher will review samples from your manuscript and offer detailed feedback.


Before you decide to submit your book to a publisher, literary agent or publish independently, it can be helpful to get a professional opinion on your work. With this service an experienced editor / publisher will read samples of your manuscript and offer detailed feedback.

You will receive advice on:

  • the quality of writing
  • the commercial viability of your book (if that is important to you)
  • how your work might be received by readers
  • suggestions for improvements in writing style
  • other useful suggestions about your manuscript depending on your intended route to publication
  • suggestions for next steps

This is not a full read-through, and no editorial services are provided.

This review is intended for manuscripts that are close to being submitted or published, and not for those that are in earlier, draft stages.


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