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Pre-flight Check for Book Printing


Let us check over your file(s) prior to submission for printing. Mistakes can be costly to rectify, and we can help to pick up on issues.

Amend the quantity to reflect the number of files you are submitting. The cost is per file, not per title.

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This service is for self-published authors who are submitting files for printing. Some printers charge for all revisions, so getting it right before submission can help to save time and money. Most printers don’t check text or how your cover looks, they simply print what is provided.

We will check over your file(s) and report back with any issues we think require your attention including:

  • Evaluate the overall production quality of the book
  • Look at any printing errors that may occur

The cost shown is for a single file check. If you are submitting a book cover and an interior, please adjust the quantity accordingly.

You must supply your final PDF that you are waiting to submit. We cannot accept any other file format for this service.




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