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Poetry Publication Package


We have more than 50 titles in the Wordcatcher Modern Poetry series. This publishing package is the perfect way for authors to publish their poetry collection in an established series.

We have published 50+ titles in the Wordcatcher Modern Poetry series, covering a variety of styles. This package adds your book into this existing series in a tried and tested format. If you prefer something different additional costs will apply as we have designed this in a format that is well-designed and well thought through to speed up the publication process.

  • Existing, tested poetry series format
  • Up to 150 pages
  • Up to 10,000 words
  • Basic proofreading suggestions – we don’t edit your poetry, but we will make suggestions if there are potential typos
  • We do not judge or critique your work
  • Up to 3 revision rounds
  • Typesetting and layout
  • B&W interior (no images)
  • Standard poetry series cover design, with an image that best accompanies your collection
  • 6″×9″ (152mm x 229mm) for the physical print on demand edition
  • Ebook edition
  • Publishing essentials including:
    • Assistance with writing the back cover blurb
    • Assistance with writing your author bio
    • Allocation of ISBNs to all editions
    • Advice on pricing your book
    • Advice on keywords and categories (BIC/BISAC and Thema)
    • Dissemination of full metadata to book trade partners, with relevant updates on an ongoing basis (some platforms only permit a limited range of data being distributed, which can detrimentally affect discoverability of your book, we disseminate the full range)
    • Dissemination to Neilsen in the UK, Bowker in the USA, and BookNet in Canada
    • Fulfilment of Legal Library Deposit to UK libraries
    • We send your book to the RNIB for free distribution to readers with visual impairments (you can opt out of this)
    • Ebook distribution to Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Nook, Google Play, and many other online retailers
    • Print on demand availability of titles to retailers around the world
    • Publication will be under one of our imprints at our discretion. We are registered with Neilsen in the UK as Wordcatcher Publishing Group Ltd, and publish under several imprints
    • We can publish using your ISBN, however this will not permit full metadata management, and not all services will therefore be available
  • Marketing resources
    • Access to authorhub.info resources
    • Discounts on products and services on authorhub.info
  • Author development resources
    • Access to authorhub.info resources
    • Discounts on products and services on authorhub.info
  • 25 copies of the completed book in paperback format
  • 75% of net royalties (the amount we receive after any third-party costs are deducted by them) received from the sale of the book for any edition we distribute
  • Purchasing Stock – RRP is typically £8.99 with an author’s discount of 40%-60%. Final costings subject to confirmation and the final extent of the book

Please note: editorial / review services are not included in this package.


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