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Research Your Competitors to Write a Better Book


Define the scope of your book, streamline the writing and editing process, satisfy reader expectations.

Using a simple, but highly effective process, this one-to-one course will show you how to define the scope of your non-fiction book from an early stage. This will streamline your writing and editing process, and fulfil the primary goal of your book: to satisfy reader expectations. There’s no point writing more than is necessary, or missing out essential topics. This early research will help you to get the balance right by looking at successful titles and de-constructing their content.

If you are wondering what should go into your book, and you only have a basic idea, this will give you a format and methodology you can use on future books as well.

  • research successful competitors
  • suggested content you can include that readers love
  • determine the best format for your book
  • identify a price range that your book will have to sell at to compete
  • determine whether illustrations are necessary
  • determine what topics you need to include, saving you time and focusing your attention
  • determine the weaknesses in other books on the market, and how you can fill these gaps

This process need not take more than a few hours of targeted internet research, and can save you many hours of aimless or unnecessary writing.


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