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Start Your Own Publishing Company


Starting your own publishing company can be a daunting process, even if you have self-published your own books or worked for a publisher.

With our support, templates and advice the journey to creating a  successful publishing company will be easier and less confusing.

This package includes:

  • 1:1 consultation
  • Unlimited support via email
  • Regular, scheduled phone / Zoom calls
  • Access to industry contacts
  • Help setting up accounts with key suppliers
  • A roadmap for workflow and processes
  • Leads – no guarantee of the number of leads as this is demand-driven
  • Template files for book interiors
  • Template files for book covers
  • Coaching and suggestions on all matters of business development

This package lasts for six months and in that time you’ll be up and running and trading. We suggest you have a minimum of £10-15,000 for setup costs, but the more funds you have available the quicker you can grow. This assumes you are working from home and not employing staff. You will obviously require more capital if you intend on a larger operation from the outset.

We make no guarantees about earning potential and you may lose money as in any business venture. We can, however, give you shortcuts and tips that will save you thousands of pounds and months of wasted time. Learn from our experience.

This is not a franchise. There are no recurring costs or fees to pay, what you make or lose is yours alone.





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