Typesetting Children’s Picture Books


This typesetting package includes the design of up to 32 pages of text and images.

Children’s picture books require careful storyboarding to ensure the images and text flow smoothly to tell the story. This involves breaking it down into two-page layouts and positioning all of the elements correctly for printing.

This package assumes the author provides print-ready images and final text.

It does not include editorial input or comment. If you require a manuscript review that should come before this stage.

This package includes the design of up to 18-32 pages of text and images for the book interior. It does not include book cover design. We can discuss your preferred book size, although we have recommendations we can make based on sizes best suited for the book trade. Children’s picture books come in various sizes and choosing the correct one for your purposes is an important decision that could cost or save you money in the long term.


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